Saturday 27 October 2018: Trafalgar Night Dinner

Event: This year marks the 218th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar at which Admiral Lord Nelson was victorious over the combined French and Spanish fleets off Cape Trafalgar on 21 October 1805. And every year since, throughout the Royal Navy, Trafalgar Night dinners have been held to commemorate the event.

So how fitting that, in this Visit Wales’ ‘year of the sea’, we join in those commemorations with our own Friends Trafalgar Night Dinner, during which we will toast ‘The Immortal Memory – Admiral Lord Nelson’.

Nelson gave his life at Trafalgar and the Nation mourned the loss of its hero, but over time, the hurt has eased and today the dinner is a great occasion for fun and enjoyment in good company. And as we proceed through the meal, we will throw in a good measure of amusing explanation of some of the more unusual Naval mess-dinner rules!

Location: The dinner will take place at The Mariners Hotel in Haverfordwest on Saturday, 27 October. Friends should aim to arrive at about 19:00 and dinner will be served at 19:30 prompt.

Costs: The three course dinner will cost £26.50 per head. In order to keep costs down, we will not put wine on the table but instead, individuals will be invited to buy their own drinks throughout the evening.  Menu choices will be distributed in due course.

Dress code: Dinner jacket/suit/Naval Uniform (entitled personnel) and equivalent for ladies.

Booking: The dining room in the Mariners can only seat 36 comfortably and so it is essential that Friends and partners wishing to attend should book for this event. You may request to bring a second couple (non-Friends) but priority will go to Friends and partners first. Follow this link to book your places or contact me at the number below. Bookings must be made by 1 Oct 2018 latest. If oversubscribed, I will draw names from a hat but will not do this until those who receive hard copy FNU have a time to apply.

Accommodation: For those wishing to stay overnight, The Mariners Hotel has agreed a discounted rate of £80.00 for a double room and £60.00 for a single. Please make your own accommodation arrangements direct with the hotel not through a booking agent (01437 763353) and be sure to quote ‘FPCNP’ if you wish to enjoy the discounted rate.

Contact: Ian Pattinson (01239 821631)