Internal Policy and Protocol

Internal Policy

The Friends is an independent voluntary charity. It has some 400 members, nearly half of whom are from outside of Pembrokeshire. It does not have any paid officers or members. All are therefore committed to the aims of the charity and give their services  free of charge.  The day to day affairs and running of the charity are undertaken by an Executive Committee elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting of the charity.  Once elected they become Trustees and are responsible for running the charity in accordance with its Objects, Constitution and Financial protocol.

Objects and Constitution of the Friends

The constitution states that “The object of the Charity shall be to assist, for the public benefit, in the protection, conservation and enhancement of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.”

FPCNP Constitution 2018

Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy

As a registered charity all members (co-opted or otherwise) of the Executive Committee or any sub-committee of the friends are bound by the Friends Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy.

Financial Protocol

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Chairman (External Policy) & Policy Sub – Committee

As stated, the Friends has no paid Officers and as a consequence of the ever increasing policy issues now being considered by the Executive Committee, they have created the position of Chairman (External Policy) together with a Policy Sub-committee. His role as an Officer of the Charity (together with that of the Policy Sub-Committee), can be found along with their terms of reference and modus operandi by clicking here.

National Policy

Following the delegation of new legislative powers to the Welsh Government, the Welsh Government has announced a range of proposed new Bills which are likely to have a considerable impact on all Welsh National Parks and the ways in which they will be managed.   Given the ‘Objects’ of the Friends, we are closely monitoring any new proposals and responding to them where appropriate as and when the consultation documents are launched.   In order to maximise the impact of these important submissions, the Friends have also been working closely together with the Alliance for Welsh Designated Landscapes (AfWDL) and our three sister societies in Wales, the Welsh National Park Societies (WNPS).

To see any of these submissions in full click on FPCNP Responses – National Issues

Local Policy

The Friends also respond to consultation documents from other bodies and local Planning Authorites. Whilst the Friends do not generally feel that it is their role to interfere with individual planning applications, if any are considered to have a wider policy impact on the National Park as a whole, we will not hesitate to submit comments or even lodge an objection. In the past, we seldom found ourselves in this position but unfortunately in recent times we have found ourselves having to become involved.

To see any of these submissions in full click on FPCNP Responses – Local Issues

Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the constitution, an Annual General Meeting will be held every year (from 2017 in October) at a date and venue in Pembrokeshire to be determined by the Executive Committee.  Information about the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting will be posted under Future Events Programme  as soon as it is available.

AGM Minutes 20 October 2018

Privacy Policy

The FPCNP Privacy Policy can be read here.

Complaints Policy

The FPCNP Complaints Policy can be read here.