Wednesday 27 June 2018: Pembroke Castle and Pembroke Dock Tours

Details:  In a change to the original programme, this double header consists of a guided tour around Pembroke Castle (10:30 – 11:30), followed by free time to explore and have a picnic lunch in the grounds (there is also a cafe if you prefer). We will then need to make our separate ways to Pembroke Dock for about 12:45 where we will receive a second guided tour, this time by Ted Goddard, a Naval Dockyard expert from the Sunderland Heritage Trust who will show us what remains of the old Naval Dockyard. This second tour will start at 13:15. There is a cafe at the Sunderland Trust and it is good to support the charity, so have yourselves a cup of tea(!)

Costs: The Friends will cover the cost of both guides and half of the entry fee into Pembroke Castle. So individual members will need to pay only £3 (adults) or £2.50 (Seniors) entry on the day. Please bring the right change and pay Ian Pattinson when we meet. Non members will need to pay £6 (adults) or £5.50 (Seniors).

Meeting Point:  10:15 at the entrance to Pembroke Castle, or if you only want to visit Pembroke Dock, meet at the Sunderland Trust Heritage Centre at about 12:45 for a 13:15 start.

Lead Organiser:  Ian Pattinson (01239 821631)