Saturday, 5th November - The Preseli Challenge - Led by Ian Pattinson.

To mark bonfire night and the start of our winter hibernation through to Spring 2017, all Friends are cordially invited to don their walking boots and warm kit for one final time this year and face their very own ‘Preseli- beast Challenge!’ – The detailed planning is underway as N&V goes to press but in outline we are looking at a morning and afternoon walk, punctuated by lunch in Newport and bagging Carningli (from Bedd Morris – plenty of free parking) in the morning and Cwmcerwyn (from Bwlch Gwynt) in the afternoon, probably ending up at the Tafarn Zinc in Rosebush before sunset. We will arrange for lifts for drivers to get back to their cars as the afternoon walk is linear. The morning walk will be relatively sedate and the afternoon walk will be a little longer and involve a short climb. We will also work out a bad weather option should the peak be too obscured or windy! Exact meeting point and lunchtime arrangements (menu choices etc) to follow. No limit on numbers as we will have backmarkers, but you will need to book your place with Ian Pattinson (01239 821631 or in due course, so he knows to send you a map with the meeting point. Option is to join us for lunch only if you wish and in the event of storms and tempest, we will still meet for lunch even if we cancel the walking (we can watch Wales v Australia rugby)! No dogs. No charge. ………….Press ups and PT at the start and finish – only joking!! Look out for evolving details on the Friends website. Any questions to Ian.