Friends Respond to continuing Consultations from the Welsh Government & Local Planning Authorities

Following the delegation of new legislative powers to the Welsh Government, they have announced a range of proposed new Bills during the next few years which could affect the Welsh National Parks. Accordinly, the Friends are closely monitoring any new proposals and responding to them where appropriate as and when the consultation documents are launched. The Friends also respond to consultation documents from other bodies and local Planning Authorites. Whilst they generally do not interfere with individual planning applications, if considered to have a wider impact on the National Park as a whole, they may also consider lodging an objection. The Friends have also been working closely together with our three sister societies in Wales (AWNPS -the Alliance of Welsh National Park Societies) to submit joint responses on important Welsh Government consultations. If you wish to follow any of these responses, please click on the following links, as appropriate:- Friends object to Application for 5 times 2.5mw Wind Turbines (54m hub height 100m to blade tip)on land south of Valero Oil Refiner, Rhoscrowther, Pembrokeshire. To see the letter of objection click here.

Joint FPCNP Response to Consultation on the Planning Bill

Joint FPCNP -AWNPS Response to Consultation on Protected Landscapes – “Taking the Long View”

FPCNP_AWNPS_Joint_Submission -_”Taking_the_Long_View”

To see the joint AWNPS response for the Williams Commission, follow link:-


Friends Joint Response (with CNP Cymru) to the Environment Bill Consultation To see this response click here.

Friends Register a Statement of Interest in Atlantic Array:-

The following statement of interest has been submitted as part of the registration of interest in this case. This is necessary to enable us to submit detailed comments and even to attend any hearings. We intend to keep an eye on things as they develop. There are,of course,other protected landscapes affected – Exmoor NPA, Gower AONB and North Devon AONB and of course Lundy Island.


Friends Object to Wind Turbine at Llanychaer:-

FPCNP_Objection_Turbine at_Llanychaer

Friends object to Wind Turbine at St.Dogmaels:-

FPCNP_Objection_Turbine at_St.Dogmaels

Friends Object to Wind Turbine at Mathry 1085:-

FPCNP_Objection_to_Wind_Turbine at_Mathry_1085

Friends Respond to Application for Two Wind Turbines at Lawrence Landfill:-

FPCNP_Objection to_Turbines at_Lawrence_Landfill

Friends Respond to Application for a Wind Turbine at Pontfaen in the Gwaun Valley. It should be noted that neither the Chairman nor the Treasurer (both of whom declared an interest being neighbours to the applicant) took any part in this response:-

FPCNP_Objection to_Pontfaen_Wind turbine

Friends Respond to Pembrokeshire County Council to two Planning Applications each for a 79 meter wind turbine both at Pen y Banc, Castle Morris:-

FPCNP response to wind turbine at Castle Morris

Friends Respond to Pembrokeshire County Council to Planning Application for a 34 Meter turbine at Clegryn:-

FPNP response to wind turbine at Clegryn

White Paper on Sustainable Development Bill -A Sustainable Wales Better Choices for a Better Future:-

FPNP white paper on sustainable development Bill

PCNPA PLANNING APPLICATION NP -Land adjacent to Binchurn Farm Low impact Development:-

FPNP letter of objection for binchurn farm

FPNP statement for binchurn farm

N.B. On Appeal the Inspector, inter alia, agreed with the views expressed by the Friends and the appeal was rejected.

FPNP letter of objection to Boncath Wind Turbine Application:-

FPNP objection to boncath wind turbine

Community Consultation on Proposed South Hook CHPower Plant:-

FPNP south hook plant

FPNP Response to Pembrokeshire County Council 5 yr Single Integrated Plan:-

FPNP response PCC 5yr Single Integrated Plan

FPNP response to Non-domestic Permitted Development Rights:-

FPNP non-domestic permited development rights response

FPNP Joint Response with CNP to Consultation of Atlantic Array:-

FPNP response atlantic array

FPNP additional response to New Natural Resource Body

FPNPnatural resource body for wales

CNP natural resource body for wales

WLP natural resource body for wales

FPNP Response to Active Travel (Wales) Bill:-

FPNP active travel response

FPNP Response to Options for Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) in Welsh Waters:-

FPNP Response MCZs

FPNP Response to the Sustainable Development Bill:-

FPNP Sustainable Development Bill

FPNP Response to Green Paper – Sustaining a Living Wales:-

Green paper response, Sustaining a living wales

FPNP Response to Single Environment Body:-

Single Environment Body response

FPNP Response to Planning for Sustainability – Presumption in Favour:-

Response to Planning for Sustainability

FPNP Repsonse to Chapter 7 – Supporting the Economy:-

Chapter 7 response

FPNP Response to Welsh Planning Bill – Planning System Wales:-

Response to Welsh planning bill, planning system wales