St Davids – Glasfryn Road and Premier Inn

4th January 2018: FPCNP have responded to the Pre-application Consultation for land to the west of Glasfryn Rd, St Davids. The proposed use includes new housing and a Premier Inn. You can see the proposal at the external website

Read the FPCNP response here.

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Coast Path diversion near Ceibwr

Mae Llwybr yr Arfordir ar gau ychydig i'r gogledd o Ceibwr,,en,rhwng Casnewydd a Llandudoch,,en,oherwydd tirlithriad,,en,Cliciwch yma,,en,i weld y gwyriad,,en (between Newport and St Dogmaels) because of a landslide. Click here to see the diversion.

26 January 2018: Angle Bay Walk

Details: A 4.5 mile walk, on quiet roads and coast path tracks, around the northern Angle Peninsula, taking in views of our marvellous harbour, covering history and the latest modern developments. For those inclined, afterwards possibly visiting a local hostelry for food and refreshment.
Wear good walking boots, adequate clothing and wet weather gear. Bring packed lunch and drink. Phone Chris for any further details, or in the event of a poor weather forecast. Mae'n ddrwg gennym,,en,dim cŵn.,,en,ym Maes Parcio Traeth West Angle,,en,Cyfeirnod Grid,,en,SM,,en,Amcangyfrif gorffen ar,,en,awr,,en,Chris,,en,Rose Taylor,,en,Ionawr,,en,Taith Gerdded Bae Angle,,en,26 Ionawr cerdded bae 2018 ongl,,en – no dogs.

This walk has been assessed as ‘Easy’.

Timings and Meeting Point: 10:30 at West Angle Beach Car Park. Grid Ref: SM 824 033. Estimated finishing at 13:00/30 hrs

Lead Organiser: Chris & Rose Taylor (01646 600225).