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Wednesday 27 June 2018: Pembroke Castle and Pembroke Dock Tours

Details: In a change to the original programme, this double header consists of a guided tour around Pembroke Castle (10:30 – 11:30), followed by free time to explore and have a picnic lunch in the grounds (there is also a cafe if you prefer). We will then need to make our separate ways to Pembroke Dock for about 12:45 where we will receive a second guided tour, this time by Ted Goddard, a Naval Dockyard expert from the Sunderland Heritage Trust who will show us what remains of the old Naval Dockyard. This second tour will start at 13:15. There is a cafe at the Sunderland Trust and it is good to support the charity, so have yourselves a cup of tea(!)

Costs: The Friends will cover the cost of both guides and half of the entry fee into Pembroke Castle. So individual members will need to pay only £3 (adults) or £2.50 (Seniors) entry on the day. Please bring the right change and pay Ian Pattinson when we meet. Non members will need to pay £6 (adults) or £5.50 (Seniors).

Meeting Point: 10:15 at the entrance to Pembroke Castle, or if you only want to visit Pembroke Dock, meet at the Sunderland Trust Heritage Centre at about 12:45 for a 13:15 start.

Lead Organiser: Ian Pattinson (01239 821631)

Ailddarganfod yr Eiriau Coll,en

In October 2017 Pembrokeshire-based artist Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane published The Lost Words, a celebration of some of the nature words that are slipping out the language of children. The importance of the book has been recognised through multiple awards and by teachers and readers of all ages.

Following a successful fund-raising campaign to put The Lost Words into every school in Scotland, similar initiatives are appearing all over the country.

The Friends of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park are seeking donations to get the book into all 70 schools in Pembrokeshire. We are working with #AcornIsToWood, the campaign covering the whole of Wales.

Click on the book cover to read more about this wonderful book.

To donate to our appeal for Pembrokeshire, go to our Donations page. Please type Lost Words into the reason for donation – all money raised with this tag will go towards copies of the book.

Donate now

If you would like to donate for a local school outside Pembrokeshire, check out the #AcornIsToWood page on Facebook, or read about some of the amazing initiatives across the UK here.

Recruit a new Friend and win a great prize!

Helpwch ni i gynyddu ein Aelodaeth a chael gwobr wych,,en,Mae angen i bob sefydliad aelodau newydd ffynnu,,en,Nawr yw'ch cyfle chi i helpu'r Cyfeillion i gynyddu ein haelodaeth a chael gwobr wych a roddwyd yn garedig gan Coastal Cottages ac Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro,,en,Annog rhywun i ymuno â'r Cyfeillion a gofyn iddynt,,en,neu rydych chi'n ei wneud,,en,i lenwi'r adran ar y slip rhwygo lle mae'n dweud "taflen a gafwyd o",,en,gyda'ch enw a'ch rhif ffôn,,en,Os ydynt,,en,ymuno ar-lein,,en,dylent lenwi'r bocs sy'n gofyn pwy a argymhellodd eu bod yn ymuno,,en,Ar 12 Medi,,en,byddwn yn tynnu pob slip o aelodau newydd rhwng mis Mawrth a mis Medi a gobeithio y bydd eich enw'n ymddangos fel eu hannog i ymuno,,en,Mae gennym ddau wobr gyffrous i ddyfarnu i ddau enillydd lliw lwcus,,en

All organisations need new members to prosper. Now is your chance to help the Friends increase our membership and win a superb prize kindly donated by Coastal Cottages and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

Encourage someone to join the Friends and ask them (or you do it!) to fill in the section on the tear off slip where it says “leaflet obtained from”, with your name and phone number. If they are joining online they should fill in the box which asks who recommended they join. On September 12th, we will draw all slips of new members between March and September and hopefully your name will appear as encouraging them to join! We have two exciting prizes to award to two lucky draw winners.

Chwarter pedair nos,,en,Ystafell Lantern,,en,- i'w gymryd rhwng,,en,Tachwedd a,,en,"Cuddfan rhamantus cwpl perffaith,,en,gosodwch ychydig funudau o gerdded o lan y môr traeth trawiadol Dinbych-y-pysgod,,en,Mae'r fflat gwyliau isaf ar y llawr gwaelod hwn yn eang ac yn chwaethus,,en,Mae'r gwesteion yn caru'r teledu a'r ystafell wely ychwanegol gyda bath nodwedd,,en,Mae cegin / ystafell fwyta'r cynllun agored mawr yn arwain i'r lolfa gyda drysau llithro i deras bach gyda,,en,yn symud i fyny at ardd garreg wedi'i hamgáu,,en,Mae sylfaen feddwl ac argymell iawn ar gyfer y dref hardd hon gyda'i holl gyfleusterau a thraethau gwych yn daith gerdded yn hawdd. ",,en,Neu efallai y byddwch chi'n ennill diwrnod gwych gyda,,en,Ceidwad Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro,,en,- neu ddewis ecolegydd,,en Lantern Suite, Tenby – to be taken between 3rd November and 15th December 2018

“A perfect couple’s romantic hideaway, set only a few minutes walk from Tenby’s stunning beach seafront. This lower ground floor holiday apartment is spacious and stylish. Guests love the extra tv and the bedroom with feature bath. The large open plan kitchen/dining area leads through to the lounge with sliding doors onto a small terrace with 2 steps up to an enclosed pebbled garden.

A smart and highly recommended base for this beautiful town with all its great amenities and beaches an easy stroll away.”


Or you might win a wonderful day with a Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Ranger – or choose an ecologist, archeolegydd neu aelod arall o staff a gallwch gydlynu i gytuno ar ddyddiad sy'n addas i chi a'ch teulu,,en,DYDDIAD CAU 11 Medi,,en,bydd yr enillwyr yn cael eu tynnu ar 12 Medi,,en.

CLOSING DATE 11th September 2018, winners will be drawn 12th September

Update on the future for National Parks 15 March 2018

Earlier this week the Environment Minister, Hannah Blythyn, made her long awaited statement in the Assembly on the future status and role of Designated Landscapes. It was a positive and reassuring message. A five year process of review and deliberation has resulted in what on the surface feels like very little change. But this is a good result as crucially she endorsed the Sandford Principle (which places conservation at the heart of the Designated Landscapes) and she committed to drawing a line under the process, thus bringing some certainty and stability to the National Parks and AONBs. Her statement was really a ringing endorsement of the work of the National Parks and the part they can and should play in providing some of the benefits being talked about so much at the moment – sustainability, health and wellbeing, natural resource management etc. (more…)