19 August 2017: Taith o Gaer Sant Catherine,en, Tenby

DETAILS: This promises to be a really interesting day. Most people are familiar with the fort on St. Catherine’s Island, off the South Beach in Tenby – what was it built to defend against; when was it built; what was it armed with; and what about the people who occupied it?

Come and find out the answers to these questions from Tudor Thomas, Cadeirydd Cymdeithas Ddinesig Dinbych y Pysgod a fydd yn rhoi taith dywys neilltuedig y gaer ni,,en,Bydd enwol £ 2 y ​​tâl mynediad pen ar gyfer y gaer,,en,esgidiau cadarn ar gyfer y gaer ei argymell,,en,o flaen y Dennis Caffi wrth droed y ramp i Draeth y Castell,,en,rhif Ffon,,en,Awst,,en,Tour of Fort St Catherine,,en,Awst 19, 2017 Taith Santes Catherine gaer Tenby,,en. There will be a nominal £2 per head entrance charge for the fort.

Sturdy footwear for the fort is recommended.

TIMINGS AND MEETING POINT: 10.00am in front of the Dennis Café at the foot of the ramp to Castle Sands.

No need to book.

CONTACT: Ian Pattinson (telephone number: 01239 821631)