100 Club

Join the Friends of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ‘100 Club’ to help us raise additional funds, and give you the chance to win monthly cash prizes.

  • Three prizes each month (January to November) of up to £100, £50 and £20 *
  • Bumper Christmas prizes of up to £750, £250 and £100 *
  • Overall, 50% of 100 Club subscriptions paid out as prizes annually
  • £5 a month, payable by standing order
  • Open to anyone aged 16 or over

* If fewer than 100 subscriptions have been received, the prizes will be proportionately lower – but your chance of winning increases

Contact the Treasurer for a ‘100 Club’ application form and full list of rules.

Recent Winners
April: Graham Morgan, Gus Stott, Huw Roach
May: Derrick Setchell, Carolyn Owen, Ian & Anne Chambers
June: Malcolm White, Jane Heard, Ian & Anne Chambers
July: Judith Cole, Ian Pattinson, Gus Stott
August: Pauline Campbell, Ian Pattinson, Graham Morgan
September: Gus Stott, Steve Drinkwater, Ian Pattinson
October: Alison Rees, Polly Campbell, Rose Taylor
November: Peter Harkness, Jon Warren, Richard Dingle




Photo accredited to Jane Heard