Pwy ydym ni?

Cyfeillion Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro (FPCNP) is an independent voluntary charity, founded in 1991, to help to protect, conserve and enhance the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park for all who live in, work or visit it, to enjoy both now and in the future.

We are founding members of the Alliance for Welsh Designated Landscapes and the Welsh National Park Societies. We also work with other groups who seek to conserve our countryside.


What do we do?

  • Support, encourage and co-operate with the National Park Authority
  • Lobby, herio ac ymgyrchu am bolisïau a phenderfyniadau a fyddai'n gwella'r Parc
  • Respond to national and local consultations that could affect the Park.
We educate and communicate on all aspects of the National Park through a programme of events, including walks, sgyrsiau ac ymweliadau tywys i fannau o ddiddordeb arbennig nid bob amser ar gael i'r cyhoedd yn gyffredinol,,en,ac yn darparu cymorth ar gyfer prosiectau eithriadol megis adfer Arsyllfa Adar Sgogwm ac adfer y Pump House yn St.Brides gyda'i injan pwmp Tangye prin,,en,i annog y genhedlaeth iau,,en,a hwyl i blant iau,,en,Gall aelodau logio i mewn i weld gwybodaeth ychwanegol,,en,Cysylltwch â'r Ysgrifennydd Aelodaeth os ydych wedi anghofio'ch manylion,,en,Swyddi diweddar,,en.


We arrange and undertake weekly conservation work parties to restore and enhance the Park, with many hundreds of people days volunteered each year.



We help and assist other worthwhile projects, and provide support for exceptional projects such as the reinstatement of the Skokholm Bird Observatory and the restoration of the Pump House at St Brides with its rare Tangye pump engine.
Other activities include the Children’s Annual Literary Competition to encourage the younger generation (ages between 9 – 14) to become more involved in the Park. We also co-produce, with the National Park, a Children’s “Time Travelling Adventure” booklet full of activities, facts, puzzles, and fun for younger children. Items for sale.

Newsletters every two months keep Friends in touch with the latest issues, ac mae ein,,en,cylchgrawn lliw yn cael ei gynhyrchu ddwywaith y flwyddyn,,en,tudalen cartref newydd,,en,ac mae ein,,en,cylchgrawn lliw yn cael ei gynhyrchu ddwywaith y flwyddyn,,en,tudalen cartref newydd,,en News & Views colour magazine is produced twice a year.

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Registered Charity No 1012091