The Friends will, if it thinks appropriate, respond to consultation documents from any body or Planning Authority on issues that could impinge upon the policy of the National Park. Whilst we generally do not interfere with individual planning applications, if considered to have a wider impact on policy affecting the National Park as a whole, we may also consider lodging an objection. If you wish to follow any of these responses, please click on the following links, as appropriate. They are not in alphabetical order but in date order of our responses with the latest at the top.

Friends Comment on Certificate of Lawfulness, Trewern Farm

The Friends responded to the application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for Trewern Farm, Felindre Farchog. See the response here.

Friends Submit Letter Regarding the Future of Newport NPVC

19th December 2016: Chairman of the Friends submits a follow-up letter regarding the proposed closure of the Newport National Park Visitor Centre. To see a full copy of the letter please click here.

Friends submit comments on possible proposals at Bluestone.

The Friends submitted a letter on proposals being considered for developments at Bluestone. To see a copy of the full letter please click here.

Friends Submit Letter of Objection to Closure of TIC’s

Chairman of the Friends submits a letter of objection to the closure of two TIC’s run by the National Park Authority. To see a full copy of the letter please click here.